Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bacon Overload

Baconalia: a disease that will end your life. There are always trends in food. Whether it's the new fad crash diet or the popularity of vegetarianism, food that is fashionable can soon be out of style. Bacon has surpassed the trends and become a cult food. You can even buy bacon merchandise like t-shirts or wallets. Bacon is here to stay. Denny's is capitalizing on this trend by creating a new "bacon club" for its customers who like to enjoy bacon on any type of food. I am interested but also concerned for people who live in close range to Denny's. With unrestricted access to all of that bacon, the cardiac units are going to be working overtime. Despite its nutritious record, bacon will always have its "die hard" fans who will be taking advantage of Baconalia.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sealy's afterglow is a mattress commercial done right. It implies the obvious. The prospective mattress buyer isn't only interested in sleeping in the bed. Most people look forward to sharing their bed with someone at night. Wheather they are with a long time lover or one night stand, everyone shares intimate memories with their bed. The interactions shown in the commercial are what most of us hope to experience. It's not just sleep, its exitement, amazement, pleasure. It seems so obvious to sell sex when every other mattress brand is trying to sell sleep. Which would you choose?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sun Drop it to the Floor

SunDrop successfully makes me and millions of other white girls feel uncomfortable by exposing a sober look at what most of us look like in the club. This commercial is no stranger to prime time TV viewers and has no doubt caused a bit of buzz. So they did what any good brand would do in the hight of their viral success. They created a contest where others could become famous through their natural awkward selves. The Show Us How You Drop It contest lets fans of the brand compete in a viral video contest where each contestant can do their thing in hopes of being on the next sun drop commercial.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Most EPIC Yogurt Commercial Goes To.....

Plain plain plain plain blah blah same plain strain maine.

But they really tried with this one. Fage's Greek Yogurt has me a bit confused with this ad. It seems to stray a little bit from the actual product. It almost reminds me of a dove body soap mixed with a hair product commercial. At the end I'm just left confused how all the images besides the cow and all the white liquid relates to the yogurt. It doesn't really leave my mouth watering for the stuff.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lane Bryant is Not Your Mom

The plus size clothing brand Lane Bryant is making an attempt to be sexy and appeal to a younger, sexually active demographic. Cacique, a new line of intimates, is marketed to those younger, sexually active customers who want to feel confident and beautiful when they get to the bedroom. They stand behind an emphasis of "fashion and fit" rather than just focusing on size. The idea of a mother re-assuring her plus size daughter that physical appearance isn't everything is being reversed as Lane Bryant toys with their insecurities and desire to look sexually attractive. With this commercial they say that your mom is wrong, and you should want to look just like this unrealistic version of what most plus-sized women resemble. Will this campaign be successful? I think so. Will this alienate the "mom's" who also shop at Lane Bryant? Its a disgusting thought but even your mom wants to get down and feel confident.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chrysler Supports Detroit Arts?

I'm confused. Does this ad really suggest that Chrysler is stimulating the economy in Detriot and that promotes the Detriot arts culture? Do they want us to believe that the jobs they provide to one of the worst cities in the United States is helping people create paintings and sculptures, or booking a theater for a church quire to perform with Eminem? I'm lost but it was a nice effort.