Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bacon Overload

Baconalia: a disease that will end your life. There are always trends in food. Whether it's the new fad crash diet or the popularity of vegetarianism, food that is fashionable can soon be out of style. Bacon has surpassed the trends and become a cult food. You can even buy bacon merchandise like t-shirts or wallets. Bacon is here to stay. Denny's is capitalizing on this trend by creating a new "bacon club" for its customers who like to enjoy bacon on any type of food. I am interested but also concerned for people who live in close range to Denny's. With unrestricted access to all of that bacon, the cardiac units are going to be working overtime. Despite its nutritious record, bacon will always have its "die hard" fans who will be taking advantage of Baconalia.

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